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Our subscribers inform the brands we launch and content we create.

We place great value in our audience’s behavior — what content they engage with and how they engage with it — and use those insights to build brands and craft stories we know they will love. 


We reach our readers
on a personal level.

Not only do we tailor content to align with our subscribers’ interests, but we also pair with advertisers and strategize campaigns beneficial to partners and subscribers alike. We champion curation as a reader service, bringing the Optimism audience the content, brands, and products that best match their needs and their passions.

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The Makeup of Our Audience

In addition to learning from our subscribers' engagement, we survey and interview our audience regularly to better understand who they are and what motivates them.

Our understanding of our existing audience allows us to cater to them, while also informing where there might be opportunities for expansion.

Source: QuantCast October 2023
Source: QuantCast October 2023

The best thing to read first thing in the morning! Thank you for helping me focus on the good and positive in the world!

- Naomi K.
Nice News subscriber

I love the daily quote emails! I've resonated with quite a few and I just want to say thank you for spreading positivity and light.

- Lydia S.
Inspiring Quotes subscriber

The best content I've seen on email in a long time. Thank you!

- John C.
Interesting Facts subscriber

Just wanted to say y'all are the best! Super fun puzzles every day. Love it!

- Emma L.
Crossword Club subscriber

Dear Inspiring Quotes, thank you for yesterday's quote. It was much needed. They may not all make a difference, but one makes all the difference. Please keep inspiring the world.

- Pamela A.
Inspiring Quotes subscriber

I am thoroughly hooked on Word Daily. As an English major, I find this informative and delightful. Thank you for sharing!

- Juanita S.
Word Daily subscriber
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