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*Source: SparkPost October 2023

You deserve to be in control of the content you consume.

That’s becoming more challenging, however. The growing demand for your attention has pushed many platforms away from serving your best interests. It’s time to take back control. That’s why we chose to start from a place where you can still decide what you want and don’t want to engage with: the inbox. From there, our brands usher readers into rich web experiences.


Our brands bring magazine-quality editorial content to the inbox — emails composed with accuracy and value in mind.

for Everyone

Our brands cover a wide range of topics — allowing you to explore your interests and expand your horizons.

to Inspire

Our brands uplift and inspire — a positive force amidst increasing divisiveness.

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What’s worth reading

Receive the most interesting trending stories and hand-picked articles from around the web right in your inbox.

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News to inform, not enrage

Wake up to nice news. Our flagship news publication brings readers positive stories other outlets didn’t shine enough of a light on, giving subscribers the opportunity to re-write their relationship with news.

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The world is waiting

Daily Passport introduces subscribers to the most unique locations around the world via our daily newsletters.

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Elevate your everday

Launched in August 2023, Better Report provides the practical tips and expert advice you need to pare down the complexities of everyday living. Subscribe and save time, effort, and money.

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The wonder of words

Want to grow your vocabulary a bit each day? Word Daily sends subscribers a new word to learn every morning.

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Discover the world from your inbox

The Discoverer is a modern travel guide that allows you to travel the world right from your inbox.

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for everyone

How would you like to start your day? Want to travel to a far-off destination? Build your vocabulary? Have your mind blown by an unbelievable fact or opened by a perspective-shifting story? Our brands offer something for everyone.

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We deliver targeted and quality traffic to our brand partners, both through the articles we curate and the ads we display across our network. If you’re a publisher or advertiser interested in partnering with us, let’s discuss how we can work together.

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Inbox Innovators

Have an email series you think would be a good fit for Optimism? We'd love to hear about it. Our in-house brand & innovation studio designs, builds, and launches concepts rapidly, so we're always looking for new ideas to enhance the inbox experience.

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We have a team of 50+ editors, writers, designers, and developers, distributed throughout the world, with bases in Denver, New York, and Southern California. Interested in joining the Optimism team? We’re hiring!

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